Cozy up your Molly Brook apartment home this winter

Out with the fall in with winter. Yep. The brisk weather is here. The lights are starting to go up with good spirits and warm feelings. Sure, you can add the standard holiday decorations to your apartment homes with enough space for a tree and the stockings. You can also create a wintery escape that can last long after the holiday cheer with these easy Molly Brook decorating tips:

Go faux
Faux sheepskin rugs can add warmth to any room while playing nice with our hardwood floors. Pelts are nice for any wooden benches near the kitchen bar.

Set the mood
Illuminate the season and your main room with floor or table lamps. Perfect if you want to turn dim the lights for a cozy holiday movie night.

Don’t skimp on the green
Plants help liven up your apartment. Choose from rich, colorful flowers or the leafy variety of greenery. With a wide-open living space, you can go with both options.

Throws of winter
Velvet throws are a fun way to add unique textures and color to your bed or pillows. With enough bedroom space, you can even drape a throw over a chair or two.

Pillow up the place
Pillows are the perfect cheerful, colorful accents to a room without overcrowding your space. Use bold colors, fun patterns, or mix and match. You’ve got the room for it.

Rustic reflections
Add a bit of welcome charm to your space with a full-length mirror. Choose an ornate frame of weathered metallics or deep colorful designs to create the absolute best in form and function.

The cozy nook
Possibly one of the most intriguing designs for our apartment homes is the natural lighting. With a window as the centerpiece in our rooms, you can create your very own cozy escape. Add a comfy chair with a blanket, pillow even a floor lamp to cuddle up with a warm mystery while taking in the views of a cool winter’s day.

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