Local dining that delivers

Dinner. Lunch. Sunday brunch. A midday snack. Sure, when looking for a place to set up roots, the type of place you live in is important. But honestly, what’s around you should also receive careful consideration. With Molly Brook, we took an in-depth look at the surrounding area. Mainly we asked ourselves, is it the right place for a quintessential nosh? To connect with a friend over lunch? Or how ‘bout just grabbing takeout for a night of binge watching? What we found are lots of delicious dining finds. Here are our top four:

Whole Foods: Pretty much the go-to market for USDA certified organic food across the country—with entrees grown from local farm fresh produce and meats. There are literally an endless variety of high end gourmet and allergen-free brands. Plus, your Amazon prime account works at checkout—how great is that. (Just 10 minutes away by car)

Market Basket: Synonymous with gourmet, the Market Basket has become New Jersey’s coveted destination for top-quality meats, garden fresh salads and savory soups. All of their tasty creations are made in house. No matter what your craving, the Market Basket can craft the perfect culinary delight for any type of meal or occasion. (Just 8 minutes away by car)

Puzo’s: Since 1972, Guiseppe, Gerardo, Giovanni, and Mario have offered the best in traditional Italian cuisine, for three generations. Whether it’s their mouthwatering baked pasta, signature seafood specialties or succulent chicken and meat dishes—there’s something for everyone at this fine eating establishment. (Just a 3-minute walk)

Master Kitchen Restaurant: For an authentic array of Latin American and Dominican food favorites, it doesn’t get much better than the Master Kitchen Restaurant. Served by a warm friendly staff, you can find everything from ox tails to seafood soup—all at very affordable prices. If you’re not sure what you want—just ask anyone in the neighborhood. (Just 12 minutes away by car)

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